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Notice is hereby given to all registered Medical Practitioners / Graduates, Whose names are borne in the Medical Register as on 31.12.2004 maintained under the Maharashtra Medical Council Act, 1965. (Renewal Period: 02/11/2006 to 01/03/2007 at MMC's Office)



[Under Section 23 (a)]

No. MMC/REN/2010/ 19973 
Notice is hereby given to all Registered Medical Practitioners whose names are enrolled in the Medical Register from 01.01.2005 to 31.12.2005, maintained under the Maharashtra Medical Council Act, 1965 (other than those, who are registered provisionally) that they have to submit an application in the accompanying prescribe form to the undersigned, for the continuance of their names on the register (i.e. renewal of registration) as provided in Section 23(a) of the Maharashtra Medical Council Act, 1965 and Amendment Act, 2003 .

The application form should be accompanied with xerox attested copy of the Registration Certificate and a Renewal fee Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) by Demand Draft/Pay Order in the name of “Registrar, Maharashtra Medical Council” payable in Mumbai preferably drawn on the State Bank of India, Jacob Circle Branch (Code No.1835) or any Nationalised/ Scheduled Bank. No separate individual notice will be sent to the Medical Practitioners for Renewal of Registration. Application Form, duly filled in, should reach the undersigned within a period of four months from the expiry date of Five years. Application Forms are available on Maharashtra Medical Council’s website www.maharashtramedicalcouncil.in

The Registered Medical Practitioners who will fail to apply for renewal within a specific period of four month may face the legal consequences thereof. The names of such Medical Practitioners can be renewed in the Register on an application in the prescribed form, together with late fee of Rs.One hundred per month for the late period, in addition to the Renewal Fee of Rupees Five hundred as per Act, 2003.

  • Reasons why he/she has not renewed registration on previous renewal programme in 1988-89.

DATE : 2nd November, 2006

( R. G. Janjal)


Maharashtra Medical Council, Mumbai

( Note :This Notice is applicable only for the RMP who has been Registered from  01.01.2005 to 31.12.2005 )