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Notice is hereby given to all registered Medical Practitioners / Graduates, Whose names are borne in the Medical Register as on 31.12.2004 maintained under the Maharashtra Medical Council Act, 1965. (Renewal Period: 02/11/2006 to 01/03/2007 at MMC's Office)

Maharashtra Medical Council is a Statutory Body, established by the law of the State i.e. Maharashtra Medical Council Act 1965. The formation of the Council is on democratic basis with elected members, few nominated and two ex-officio members.     

Availing Online services of NRI Doctors. NRI Doctors Certificates / Verifications / Confirmation to be sent Abroad Online to the Foreign Council/ Country then the fee would be $100 or equivalent in Indian currency for any service. If the Late fee is applicable, then the fee containing plus $10 or equivalent in Indian currency per month.

For P.G. Students doing residency in Medical Colleges

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containing names and addresses of Medical Practitioners registered and Renewed upto 31 Dec 2013 Under the Provisions of section 16 and 23 of the Maharashtra Medical Council Act, 1965.